Occupational Therapy sessions are individually tailored to each child based on their individual goals and sensory processing challenges.

In one of our fully equipped, themed treatment rooms, children are provided with safe opportunities to challenge their bodies and senses through fun therapeutic activities.

We use Ayres’ Sensory Integration approach to treatment, bringing in alternative treatment approaches where appropriate to ensure we meet all the needs of the children we are working with. Treatment sessions involve the use of sensory, gross and fine motor equipment to encourage a child to participate in challenging activities. A proportion of the session is usually based around the foundation skills of neurodevelopment, gross motor and fine motor skills.

A treatment session lasts for 1 hour and includes 45 minutes of active therapy and 15 minutes of planning and note writing. We encourage parents to attend the sessions to ensure carry-over of skills; however children often choose to attend these sessions themselves. There is a waiting area within the clinic for parents who wish to be close at hand.

  • Treatment can be carried out at home, in school or at the clinic and often depends on the nature of the session and the areas of development targeted.

  • Sessions will be designed around the use of one or several treatment approaches selected to meet your child’s needs.

  • Throughout treatment your child’s needs and difficulties will be continuously assessed to evaluate progress.

  • Each child progresses and develops at different rates and therefore it is important that the Occupational Therapist and parents work together to ensure the best possible and effective intervention is provided.

  • It is standard to expect a child to attend 8-12 weeks of therapy before a review session. However a review can be arranged at any appropriate interval during therapy intervention.