We offer holiday groups run during the Summer holidays. If your child is not currently having therapy sessions with us, we require an OT assessment report no older than 6 months or ask that you book a screening assessment prior to attending our holiday groups. This is to enable our therapists to find the “right fit” for each child and to ensure they will benefit from the group.

Our previous holiday groups have included:

  • The Alert Programme – How does your engine run? – Using the analogy of a car engine, the How Does Your Engine Run? programme aims to teach children with Sensory Modulation difficulties how it feels to be running at different levels of arousal and what they need to do to help themselves change engine speed, calm and focus themselves to be successful in the classroom. Aimed at teaching strategies to self-calm and manage sensory information, the Alert Programme is a must for any child with a Sensory Modulation Disorder.
  • Social Skillshelping children develop the skills to help them make new friends, sustain a conversation, read body language and enjoy social events.
  • Doodlebugs/Sensory Motor – two different age groups (4-7 yrs and 8+ years). Doodlebugs is devised specifically to target handwriting, story planning and written communication. This group offers a fun, multi-sensory approach to handwriting skills and targets the sensory and physical foundation skills necessary for handwriting. The older group will include more complex coordination tasks, cursive writing, speed and stamina.
  • Co-ordinated Me – A fun, energetic movement group targeting gross motor coordination and postural stability. Assisting children to develop sequencing, timing and fluidity of movement, through engaging in sensory circuits, bilateral motor sequences, movement to music and more. This group is both fun and challenging.
  • Independent Me/Secondary School Preparation Group – specifically for students transitioning to Senior School. This group will target specific areas to develop independence including learning to make themselves a hot/cold snack, organising their own school bag, managing timetables, managing money and working out bus/train timetables.