The aim of food school is to help children develop their food repertoire and feeding skills.

90% of what looks like ’bad’ behaviour or ‘behavioural problems’ at mealtimes are actually ‘sensory reactions’ to the sensations of the foods that children cannot physically handle.

Initially children attend ‘feeding clinic’ or ‘food school’ on an individual basis for a minimum of 12 weeks to establish their place on the 32 step hierarchy to eating. Sessions last between 45-60 minutes and include a sensory preparation activity, oral motor skills task and food school/feeding session.

Once children are comfortable and able to tolerate foods visually presented, the therapist grades exposure and interaction with each food working up to touching and mouthing food items.

Children may progress from individual sessions to group sessions as their needs improve.

A child’s weight, height and nutritional intake is closely monitored throughout the process by the feeding team Dietician.