If you can’t come to us – let us come to you! Our popular distance service programme has been used by individual families, parent support groups and schools who need access to an Occupational Therapist but have limited local services.

A number of our distance clients are parent support groups whose children all need access to services. This method makes a visit from an Occupational Therapist more affordable.

Parents can share the travel costs and each child receives an individual Occupational Therapy assessment or treatment session.

The fantastic thing about the distance programme option is that you have peace of mind that your child’s needs are being overseen by a professional. You can implement the recommended activities at home knowing that every 6-12 weeks you will receive another visit, a review of progress and an updated programme.

One of our current client is a parent support group who buy in regular ‘distance visits’ where we are able to set up a treatment room in the dining room of a home and hold individual therapy sessions throughout the day with children from their support group.

This has been a fantastic way of providing much needed therapy, training parents and school staff, who also attend the sessions.