“My daughter has been attending The Sensory Smart Child for two and a half years.  The staff have been very helpful since the very beginning when I, as a mum, had no idea what to do or where to go to get help.   Once the staff had come to a decision that our daughter had Sensory Processing Disorder it felt as though a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.  We could then validate our daughter and her intense emotions and work with all the staff to find ways to help her to feel happy and ‘like everyone else’.  We still struggle with day to day issues but, with advice from The Sensory Smart Child Ltd, we help her through these episodes.  They have literally turned around our daughter and she is now calm and happy – and so are her parents!!” Mrs S

“Our son, Joshua has dyspraxia and was finding it difficult to manage many ordinary activities at home but, more importantly, at school.  This was making him frustrated and unhappy.  We were recommended to send Josh to The Sensory Smart Child Limited by his teacher.  Initially he went once a week and now he goes once a fortnight.  We can only say that Josh has increased his capabilities beyond belief.  He is now a happy child who is able to manage himself well both at home and school   we are very grateful to the staff at The Sensory Smart Child for this.  We have always found them kind, helpful and caring and Josh really looks forward to his sessions!”  Mr P

“My son has been going to The Sensory Smart Child Ltd for over a year and we have seen improvements in all areas of his development. He moves with more confidence and is starting to experiment with his body.  Previously he was quite guarded in trying new things as his balance and co-ordination had been very poor; we now have to drag him down from climbing trees! With the help of the well trained therapists he is learning how to self regulate his alertness which improves his attention and concentration and we are seeing improvements in his academic progress because of this.  The therapists have built a good relationship with my son so they know his areas of weakness that need working on.  Whilst we still have a long way to go, I feel because of the support at The Sensory Smart Child Ltd,  my son will be able to achieve his full potential.” Mrs O

“Karen’s work has been a crucial in helping us to better understand our son and his difficulties.  Her experience in loss, trauma and attachment and the impact of these when struggling with sensory integration issues is invaluable when dealing with an adopted child.

We have always found Karen and the team at The Sensory Smart Child Ltd approachable and helpful.  Our son looks forward to his sessions with Karen, who we feel is very in-tune with his personality, knowing how to get the best out of him.

Over the time that our son has been attending sessions at The Sensory Smart Child Ltd, we have seen a huge change in him and his ability to process and understand his environment.  It has been fantastic to see him develop and make achievements that were so very hard for him before.

We couldn’t recommend Karen and her team at The Sensory Smart Child enough.” Mr & Mrs R

“Our son has been attending regular sessions with Karen and her team at The Sensory Smart Child for a while.  We have seen a marked improvement in his capacity to deal with sensory processing.

As a result he is much more comfortable in many more everyday situations and is an all-round happier and more confident person.

The change we’ve seen in our son has had a positive impact on our whole family and we will be forever indebted for the effort and input that The Sensory Smart Child Ltd has given.”

Mr and Mrs R-W

‘Karen’s assessment has been life changing for Charlie.  In his words ‘You see – I have been saying that!’ He now feels believed and supported and is finally unwinding after all these years.’

Mr and Mrs S