The below extracts are taken from parent/carer/ family feedback: 

Father of N, 5 years old: “It has helped massively.  It was interesting and gave us real insight with regards to what we are and what we could/should be doing – not only as far as N’s sensory needs, but also his background.” 


Father of B, 7 years old: “Everyone involved had a broad knowledge of all areas and we felt that we could have asked any question and we would have received an expert opinion.  The therapists were all very approachable and professional”.  


Mother of T, 6 years old: “The Assessment process was very good, the report and feedback have helped us with CAHMS, the social worker and school. Seeing video clips at feedback after the assessment has given me a special understanding of things and has totally changed my view on T’s behaviour” 


Mother “The process was fantastic.  It has made our lives as parents easier, to feel that we are in such capable hands is very reassuring.  The assessments were carried out to an extremely high standard. I would not change a thing.”   


Mother of L, 8 years old. “I genuinely could not be more grateful and thankful for the work TSSC has done with us……The report findings were shared with school and elsewhere and has helped other professional involvement understand our daughter. The work the therapist did for our child was exhaustive; she exceeded our expectations by a mile and more and worked with tireless devotion.  She worked relentlessly to help us and investigated every avenue open to her.”   


Mother of O, 10 years old. “The assessment process and feedback were very insightful.  We could not comprehend how so much information was gathered on our child from the few hours of assessment undertaken.  The therapists were very insightful, and they could give advice on what to target and focus on and understood the challenges we were facing……The report was very comprehensive and complex, but at the feedback it was explained in an accessible way, and it all made perfect sense. The therapist is very supportive. We could not believe as parents how insightful the assessment findings were after a short time with us and our daughter, their professionalism was remarkable. Even the tips given to us prior to therapy starting were helpful.  Small practical things that made a difference to our life in the meantime.” 


Testimonial from Social Worker, Together4Children Permanency Partnerships 

“A progress report detailed what work has been completed and recommendations is written clearly and highlighted why the recommendation for a specialist assessment was required and how this would benefit the family, based on the work already done. The specialist assessment also provided clear outcomes and led into the direct work that the family required. The work has been done timely and professionally to ensure the best outcomes for the family. One family was especially struggling, and the practitioner has worked closely with the family to provide the support they require to avoid adoption breakdown. This highlights the practitioner commitment and understanding based on their professionalism and knowledge base.” 


Testimonial from Social Worker, Adopt London South 

“I have found the assessment process with Sensory Smart very fluid indeed.  There have been some holdups due to ASF questions, but these have been dealt with quickly; Sensory Smart have always responded quickly and have been good to work with. I always recommend Sensory Smart Child to any other service provider. 

Feedback from parents has been good too.  Parents speak highly of SSCT – the only difficulty for some is the distance some parents live from the centre, which makes travelling for weekly sessions somewhat tricky at times. If I could ask for one change, it would be for Sensory Smart Child to open more branches across the country.“