On occasion we are contacted by parents or carers who believe that their child’s Statement does not accurately reflect their needs.

In these unfortunate situations we are able to offer an impartial review of a child’s Statement and, if necessary, provide support through the tribunal hearing.

During this process, our team of qualified professionals are used as expert witnesses, ensuring a child’s needs are represented accurately to the Tribunal Panel, which will then deliver a legally binding decision on a child’s Occupational Therapy provision.

We offer a full and comprehensive assessment in preparation for a tribunal hearing, including use of formal assessments and clinical observations to identify difficulties in sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, visual perception and self-care.

This assessment package includes:

  • Pre assessment questionnaires

  • 90-120 minute assessment session

  • School Visit

  • Written report with recommendations

  • Liaison with other professionals involved in your child’s care or education

  • One pre-tribunal professionals meeting

We also offer Tribunal Attendance packages should you require an expert witness to attend and support you during your tribunal hearing.