We offer:

  • School based assessment packages

  • Clinic based assessment packages

  • Distance assessment packages

Which include assessment of:

  • Sensory processing: vision, hearing touch, taste and smell, as well as our internal senses; proprioception and vestibular. Poor sensory processing can be observed through fidgeting in chair, playing with objects, becoming over-excitable following movement, avoiding touch, difficulty concentrating.

  • Attachment and Trauma: assessment of sensory processing and behaviour in relation to poor attachment or trauma history. This may include a MIM assessment to establish patterns of disorganised attachment.

  • Gross Motor Skills: assessment of basic motor ability (ball skills, balance, postural tone, range of movement) and its impact on everyday functional tasks including fine motor skills and handwriting.

  • Fine Motor skills: assessment of hand function, finger strength, hypermobility, tactile perception and reflex development.

  • Handwriting: assessment of motor control, visual motor integration and visual perception. Handwriting is complex; it involves interpreting what we see and visualise into written form, underlying difficulties may be observed through: slouched posture, poor pencil grip, poor paper position or stabilisation, line use, spacing, letter formation as well as underlying motor skill difficulties.

  • Self-care/independence: assessment and data gathering in relation to basic self-care skill including every day activities of daily living, including use of cutlery, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene.

  • Neuromuscular development: assessing postural and ocular reactions, muscle tone and balance skills.

  • Visual Perceptual skills: this refers to the ability to recognise, differentiate and attach meaning to information we see from our environment.

  • Cognitive skills (attention and concentration): including sequencing, memory, problem solving.

  • Educational access: (seating, ICT needs. Communication aids)

  • Organisational skills: including planning, time-tabling, problem solving and memory.