ECAT - Early Childhood Assessment Team
We now offer multidisciplinary assessments for children 0-5 years old. The assessment team includes our; Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech and Language Therapist.
ADOS - Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale
We understand the importance of detailed, accurate assessment in order to inform the decision on a diagnosis. We offer the Gold Standard ADOS assessment as part of a multidisciplinary assessment service
Attachment and Trauma Assessment
Understanding the difference between sensory and emotional regulation difficulties is critical in recommending and providing the correct and most effective therapy. We offer comprehensive multidisciplinary attachment assessments carried out by our Occupational Therapist and Specialist Attachment Psychologist.
Occupational Therapy
Specialising in Sensory Integration but using all methods of intervention to best meet the child's needs. The ultimate aim of all therapy is to improve function, independence and self confidence.
Speech and Language Therapy
Our amazing Speech Therapist can assess your child's speech and language needs in one of our fun and inviting treatment rooms
We offer individual Physiotherapy assessments, treatment sessions and bespoke home activity programmes



Welcome to The Sensory Smart Child Ltd

We are a private Paediatric Therapy practice based in the south east of England, offering comprehensive assessment and therapy services for children 0 - 16 years through fun, education and play. We want the best for every child we see and that means having access to a team of experts. We provide comprehensive assessment and treatment services including; Occupational Therapy - Physiotherapy - Speech and Language Therapy - Psychology - Dietitian - Paediatirican