Specialising in Sensory Integration
At The Sensory Smart Child we believe in "supporting children to reach their maximum potential", promoting independence and developing self confidence through strengthening skills and helping children learn to control and understand their bodies and their senses.
Children 0-16 years
The Sensory Smart Child offers comprehensive assessment and treatment service to children 0-16 years.
Independence and Development
Learning to control the body and its senses is the first and most fundamental step to improving quality of life.
Comprehensive Assessment
At The Sensory Smart Child we look at 'the whole child' and all aspects of a child's development to ensure we develop a fully comprehensive treatment programme.
Specialist Treatment
All children are individual and each child learns and develops at their own pace. We work with families to set gals and target individual development.

Welcome to The Sensory Smart Child Ltd

We are a private Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice based in the south east of England, offering comprehensive assessment and therapy services for children 0 - 16 years through fun, education and play.